Using OS X FileMerge with Git

On OSX Apple gives us the ever so useful FileMerge tool, which is my prefered tool to use when comparing two versions of a single file in OS X. To use this tool when working with Git simply open a terminal and enter the following command

git config --global merge.tool opendiff

This will open up FileMerge whenever Git has a conflict and needs your decision on what needs to be taken i.e. used.

From MySql Schema to Rails migration file

After skimming some forums I found the answer must be quite obvious to Rails developers. Simply make sure that your database.yml file (found in the config/ folder), references to your database. Then execute the following command:

rake db:schema:dump

Now browse to your db folder in which you will find the complete schema of your database within the schema.rb file. Please note that the file will be overwritten so you may want to rename it or split it up into single migration files according to each table.

Please note that this is for development purposes, and not intended to run the generated migration onto a production database.